Fleurette West


Press Release/Statement

LAUNCH LA is proud to present Compression View by recent graduate Fleurette West.

West’s exhibition is vibrancy in its most extreme. Her architecturally precise approach to chaos melds the line between two dimensional and three dimensional space. Parts of the canvas open up and draw us in, perhaps to some space beyond the background. Others push back with angles and shapes that impinge beyond the canvas’ border. West is an artist who understands the power of color and utilizes it for dynamic effect. Interior space melts and fuses with exterior cityscapes to make something that is neither one nor the other.

Fleurette West was born and raised in Los Angeles in the suburban sprawl of the San Fernando Valley. Roaming the neighborhoods of Los Angeles, she formed a certain fascination with the LA landscape. After studying Sociology at Cal State Northridge, she headed back to school for another degree at the Art Center College of Design. There she explored painting and drawing within the Illustration and Fine Art department. Her themes predominantly revolve around interpretations of spaces and structures- and the processes of construction, destruction, inhabitance, remodeling and removal.

As a native, “Angeleno,” Fleurette likes to explore local city and suburban environments while examining both the visual identity of the spaces as well as its interaction with the surrounding community. Her painting style utilizes vivid color contrast, incongruent shape, dividing lines and angles. She employs a variety of mixed media such as acrylic, ink, graphite, spray paint and collage on paper, canvas and wood.

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