Lea Petmezas


Press Release/Statement

Each painting is done on site in the environment. Although there is literal interpretation, it is as if a childlike nature intervenes. I hope my expression, which is not literal, resonates with the viewer’s vision and is truthful to the environment. The discovery in my body of work changes according to the unique nature of the place it is created. Whether I am observing industrious man or the organic natural world, there is wonder. This expedition work has led me to incredible conclusions and experiences.

I have been painting on location for the past 4 years and have completed almost 40 landscape piece in this series. I have a protective box that measures 24 x 36 that allows me to use oil as my medium. Over the course of my practice, the progression is broadening into supplements of acrylic on raw canvas, photography and other exploratory mediums.

All the work I am doing is training for the next moment. The freedom to allow this process to keep unfolding before my eyes and being able to communicate it with others is my greatest passion. The limitless shapes and forms I see in nature inspire my work. I see lines and patterns, incorporate color and texture and allow the shapes to generate their own meaning.

– Lea Petmezas, 2011

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