Marion Lane


Press Release/Statement

LAUNCH LA is proud to present New Work, Marion Lane’s third show at Launch LA. For Lane, this latest exhibition marks a major foray beyond traditional two dimensional painting, with her newest works on panel finding company among intriguing and functional objects bearing her designs, from wallpaper to handbags, jewelry and clothing.Dominated by colorful biomorphic shapes, Lane’s latest paintings bloom in an abundance of floral and fluorescent shades against dusty ochres, pale blues and pinks. An uncertain sense of gravity reigns in these mercurial works, pulling some shapes downwards like drops of tree-sap welling from broken branches; while in others the paint seems weightless, as if floating on the surface of a still pond. At times it is difficult to discern the exact number of shapes involved, or to separate bodies as they melt into each other, swapping traces of color, form and patterns in the process.

In contrast, a number of her works veer away from sinuous organic forms, espousing distinct geometrical structures and a sense of calculated order. One striking example of this style presents what looks to be a vast pyramid set against a background of hazy red sky – a scene abruptly interrupted by a field of bold black and white vertical stripes in the foreground. Set against amorphous monochrome swirled wallpaper, the transition from painted surface to the manipulated background completes the transformation from colored, semi-figurative space into a riotous two-toned abstraction. Lane’s other paintings also play with scenic elements, rendered in the many-layered patchwork style she perfected in her previous shows – reminiscent of top-down views of landscapes or heavily pixilated segments of cartography.
Though the meticulous layering, mixing and juxtaposition of colors remains one of Lane’s trademarks, a theme of black and white runs through her latest work. This theme has been a common refrain in her work since the beginning of her artistic career, deriving from a personal tradition: “I always make my mom a black and white gift. She’s always had a black and white tablecloth and she collects black and white objects, like picture frames, artwork and other items and displays them in her dining room.” It seems that it is from this meaningful maternal connection that Lane’s black and white pieces draw their warmth, deflecting any sense of severity one might otherwise associate with monochrome works.The exhibition also includes a number of art objects inspired by her paintings, comprising of elegant flowy garments, jewellery, wallpaper and original handbags bedecked in Lane’s characteristically complex weave of patterns. Rounded shapes predominate, like stream-worn pebbles of various colours stacked in impossibly tight arrangements. At times the patterns seem to shift, as if caught in an eddy, becoming candy-striped blurs of motion.

Lane’s mastery of color particularly shines through in these non-traditional pieces; transforming static art into living, movable and wearable artifacts – effecting a final fusion of passive viewer and artwork.

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