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Looming Atmospheres – A Collaborative Exhibition with Nathan Currier

Einstein said, “Look deep into nature, then you will understand everything better.”

In a system developed over two decades, beginning with inventing and fabricating my “Gravity Easel” my process incorporates observation (nature), study (physics) and practice (meditation) into a dynamic creative system of “controlled chaos” that generates pattern formation.  I combine properties of topological mixing (pigment and viscosity of media), water, gravity, erosion, wind, and period orbits to recreate natural phenomena with fractal features on gessoed panel. These “strange attractors” are paint waves and disturbances that, through the energy created by the movement of my easel, oscillate along the panel surface creating the characteristics of a pattern created by a body of water, and the nacreous powders create the illusion of emergent structures in nature.

Another influence on my work is light as a refractive and fracturing tool appropriated from the ideas of kintsukuroi – “the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.”

During a series of collaborations with the renowned composer Nathan Currier, we have begun to develop video, music and installations with new and rapidly developing technology.

The video and music being featured at Launch, “Looming Atmospheres” is the beginning of the series.  This video and subsequent installations aim to bring more urgent attention, and a greater focus on the technology which can save as well as disrupt, hopefully slow the global change we are inflicting on our beautiful blue planet.

The most recent series focuses on the increasing heat, super storms, rising tides and melting ice. We are at the tipping point and to think we are beyond is to give up. Art that can alert us to what seems the obvious crisis can hopefully create more action and response.

Watch the Looming Atmospheres video installation here


Suzan Woodruff Process Video

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